Abstract View of Relationships

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Current
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What makes us who we are?  What molds us to what we become? What part does circumstances and influences play part in creating who you are?  All around us, we see people that started off great, but just lost control in the process.  Then, you see the individuals that had very little going for them when they were young and in the spring of their lives. However, even with all the obstacles the circumstances threw at them, the excelled and became great people – just being themselves.

I cannot change circumstances, but I have a choice on whom to surround myself with.  So I thought of the friendships and relationships in my life.  There is a saying “Friends are the mirror reflecting the truth of who we are”. I believe friends are all ingredients, circumstance is the kneading machine, your emotions and believes the recipe and at the end, the result is who you are right now.

Valentine was a priest that lived in Rome during the third century.  A disliked emperor named Claudius ruled Rome, at that stage.  Claudius wanted a big army and wanted the men to volunteer to join his army.  Many didn’t want to leave their wives and families behind to fight in wars, so they didn’t sign up to join the army.

This made Claudius so furious that he passed a law that forbid marriages in an attempt to get men to join.  Valentine, as many other youngsters did not agree with this law.  Valentine then secretly performed marriages until he was caught one night.  He was jailed and sentenced to death.

As he waited for the day to arrive where his sentence will be carried out, he was visited by many young people who threw flowers and notes on his window.  In these notes, they all wanted Valentine to know that they too believed in love.  The daughter of the prison guard was allowed to visit Valentine in the cell.  For hours they just sat and talked as the prison guard’s daughter tried to keep Valentine cheerful and his spirits up

On February 14th, 269AD, Valentine wrote his dear friend a note, thanking her for her friendship and loyalty signing it off with, “Love from your Valentine”.

Since then, every year on this day, all over the world, the custom of exchanging love messages, thinking of love and friendship, started.

That is the story of Valentine and the origin of Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day has come and past.  Are we all guilty of limiting the gratitude for the love and friendship to one day?  Alternatively, do we experience the appreciation for the loved ones on a daily basis?

This is my Valentine’s note to you, my dear friends.

The people around me is very diverse in their culture and believes, almost as random as the numbers of a lottery. By themselves, my friends don’t think they carry much weight in my life, However when I combine all their influences in my life, I am ultimately rich in what they mean to me.  I am a multi-billionaire with the good memories.

The diversity is a good thing.  The kaleidoscope is a very good example of differences creating an awesome result.  In 1816, a Scottish scientist named Sir David Brewster, invented the Kaleidoscope – an invention of a complex pattern of constantly changing colours and shapes.  The Kaleidoscope was a tube containing loose pieces of pretty objects and coloured glass.  Mirrors or glass lenses that were set at angles that created these patterns when viewed through the end of this tube reflected these.  The name of this invention was created by combining three Greek words: kalos meaning beautiful; eidos meaning form and scopos that means watcher.  Therefore, kaleidoscope means beautiful form watcher.

It may not always be visible what beauty my close friends create, as you need to look to the inside.  But put light in the kaleidoscope of my relationships in life and see the sea of blissful colours that reflects my sentiment about them.  Each different in their own way: different shapes, sizes, opinions, outlook on life, but that is how I was shaped to be who I am.

As these words will not dissipate into empty space, I hope and pray that my friends take this to heart.  As the mirrors are the heart of a kaleidoscope, so are the people in my life.  You are the colour, the light, the life of me.

Thinking of Emperor Claudius, and many others like him, it is evident that love cannot be beaten.

  1. Warl0c says:

    As with all of your previous posts, and words of wisdom, you always manage to bring a smile to ones face, a tear of joy to ones eye, and an all round feeling of happiness and love, don’t ever change who you are, you are truly amazing, and more people deserve to know that.


    • DoggieHoliX says:

      Thank you Boeta. I really appreciate the kind words. You do know of course I am still waiting for your blog! You should have blogged at least 300 pages since I last spoke to you!


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