The Hardest Things…

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Current
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In our lifetimes, we experience a predestined crossroad that we all know we will have to face eventually.  Even knowing that we will reach this obstacle in life, we never accomplish a state of mind where we could properly prepare for the decisions, by word, action or by feelings, at this crossroad in life’s journey – an intersection of great difficulty…

The hardest things to feel, to say, to do, differs from person to person and depends on your personality. To one, something can be insignificant, to another, it can mean the world. Due to this fact, it can make one of the simplest things in life, truly complicated.


How many of us struggle to say ‘Sorry’ or ‘Please forgive me’ to a family member?  In some instances, just merely saying sorry to anyone is too difficult for some.  We are too proud to admit that we have been wrong towards people we know.  Yet, none of us is perfect and we are bound to make mistakes, so eventually we will find ourselves in a situation where we need to apologise.  All we can do is to willingly accept that we are bound to make mistakes and it will affect others in our lives.

The hardest thing to say is ‘I am sorry.  Please forgive me’

Just like apologising is one of the hardest things to say, a lot find themselves struggling to say ‘I love you’. Added to this, very few are comfortably expressing this feeling not just into words, but in actions.  Do we think that expressing such a powerful emotion, into word or action, make us weak?  As I have mentioned in a previous blog entry, if you are a Christian and you split The Ten Commandments into two sections, it is simply ‘Love your Saviour’ and ‘Love thy Neighbour’.  In essence, The Ten Commandments is all about one thing: love.  Being able to love, is one of the greatest gifts God bestowed upon us.  We need to embrace such a miracle and realize that it is a powerful gift that we can share between each other.

Some say ‘I love you’ with the greatest of ease, but are those three little words put into action?  If one does not say those three simple words and mean it, what is the purpose of it?  Be genuine with this phrase as it can build a person’s life, or destroy it.

The hardest thing to do is to love someone, without them knowing how much and not have this type of pure energy returned.  The hardest thing to do is to say ‘I love you’ and to feel such a feeling, but to keep it to yourself as you want to see the other person happy.

To say ‘Good Bye’ and ‘Farewell’ to someone you truly care about is one of the hardest things to say.  Holding back emotions and try to be strong when parting, is extremely difficult.

To admit to a Faith can be added to the ‘hardest things to admit to’-list.  From the beginning of time, people lost their lives when they admitted to be Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, etc.  How many of us try to avoid conversations about religion?

The hardest things for me to do were to open up to people, and then shut down as soon as I realised that I exposed my core.  The hardest thing to do was to love someone, but to suppress it; to care, but not to make it too obvious; to say good-bye and be strong about it.  The hardest thing I feel is that no-one is to blame for anything but oneself.  The hardest thing to experience is that forgiveness starts with oneself.

“Sometimes you just have to try not to care, no matter how much you do… because sometimes you mean nothing to someone who means everything to you”

I have tried to find the origin of this quote and the author, but to no avail.  Such true words spoken! The hardest things in life, is to experience any emotion, and then to withhold it from someone for whatever reason.  But how does one suppress such powerful emotions… emotions powerful enough to change attitudes, reasoning and minds?

The hardest thing is, when your mind decides on one thing, but your heart decided on another, to get these two entities to work together as one!


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