Friends – the ingredients to pure living

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Current

As a friend was admitted to hospital for an operation on his kidney, I decided to write a little piece about my lost and gained friends again.  I realised that very few friendships are of a long-term nature.

I can dissect the friendships I have (and the ones I had in the past) into a few categories ranging from negative to positive.

You have the failing friendships.  Recently I have lost a friendship due to betrayal.  I have entrusted the person with the most inner and personal thoughts.  Then…, in a moment, that trust is betrayed and the friendship gone to waste.  Another friendship I lost recently was where I was used as a little pet puppy for a temporary fallback to a person until something better came along; she grew bored of me.  This friendship I knew wasn’t going to last, however, for some odd reason, I wanted it to.

Then you have the fading friendships.  Friendships that didn’t grow stronger, but didn’t fail because of differences or anything like that.  Friendships that grew apart.  This can be caused by a friend moving away; a friend getting married, or various other reasons.  However, if you meet this person next to the road after a few years, the connection is still there.

Then, there are the group of lost friends: friends that I have lost because of unforeseen circumstances, or just my stupidity. Regrettably, I have to admit that I have lost a few good friends by neglecting their importance in my life.  There were reasons for it happening, but I cannot use it as an excuse as I believe the reasoning then carries no weight now.  But life goes on, and in my heart I still appreciate the footprints they left on my journey of life.

Even acquaintances can turn into friendships.  I have met (online and not in person) a lady that teaches me Spanish.  I am struggling as I have limited time to my disposal, but she is very patient, but I can sense she is very passionate about her culture and country.

Then, you get a different group of friends.  Friends that you are willing to die for; friends that will be your fountain of strength in difficult times, and your laughter in good times.  I have a group of friends that I cannot imagine my life without them.  My life is complete just because of them.

I have a friend that can manipulate me to do anything for her with her eyes.  She knows it, but she doesn’t abuse that power.  I love her to bits.  If I have to be honest, I should never be drunk around her as I will probably say and do things that I shouldn’t.  Quite good-looking too I might add.  But apart from that, I know that I can trust her with my life.  She is kind-hearted and not judgemental of nature. Another friend (and his mom – yes, even his mom is one of my dearest friends) has been responsible for many good vibes in my life.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter where a person comes from, or what colour they are.  It is about how one enriches each other’s lives every moment you interact.  I believe that my friends know their importance in my life and how they influence me on a day to day basis.  To my fallen friendships due to my mistakes, I apologise and I hope that one day we can rebuild the bridge again.  I would even go as far as to express my gratitude to the people that used me and made a fool out of me, as I have learned from my mistakes.

amigos de la creación pura vida


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