Nonrhythmic March

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Current
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It happens in threes’s?

I have been stumbling forward towards a goal… a goal of being more positive in my life… a goal to be as much as I can ever be…. a goal to achieve what was set out in my destiny.

Every morning when I open my eyes, my voyage starts even before I get out of bed.  My mind plans my positive map and coordinate my directions for the day.  I stampede every molecule of myself with a positive and happy attitude.

In my journey these last few weeks, obstacles have been become more prominent and more frequent.  They say that things always happens in sets of three, but I have superseded them already, and it seems as if it is not stopping Donkey Kong™ games where barrels are tumbling down from a never-ending supply.

Job security is a concern in my life.  A major company has taken over my previous employer and with ever take over, there are casualties.  As with every war, you have traitors and uncertainty of what your next step can lead to.  Will it guide to freedom or lead you to a mine field?  I have this feeling that some of my colleagues are too scared to tell me things, but they overlook aspects of the business (which is a necessity in  supply chain) and that makes me fear that my function will be outsourced.  And with that, I assume the worst… my studies will not be approved.

Shrapnel of fallen love has wounded me and made the road a little bit tougher to get where I want to be.  I will reach my destination, but it will take me a little bit longer than what I have hoped for.  The cuts are deep and the wounds infected, but I know my Creator engineered our bodies to withstand what most of us think we can’t.

I blog tonight as I have confided into someone that I have believed to be a confidant. I was mistaken.  I am not sure what struck me down, but it definitely caught me off guard.  I think what made me fall to the forest floor was mere disappointment.  It was one person I really thought I could trust.

For a moment it felt like being a soldier and to fight for something that you have no idea of.  A machine with no purpose; an arrow with no target.

As I lay down my head, I hope that the morrow will provide me renewed hope to become what I want to become: to enable me to achieve what I am destined for.  With every struggle of mine to move forward, I hope that my faith will be my troopers to carry me to my Extraction Point.  Salute to Faith.

  1. Elize says:

    Keep your chin up … I know its clichéd but at least you won’t miss the spectacle that is a sunset. No matter whats happening around you, remember you are better than those who sell out their co-workers and a decent employer knows how fickle loyalty is and rats are far easier and cheaper to replace 🙂


  2. This is an excellent post and may be one that should be followed up to see what are the results

    A good friend e mailed this link the other day and I am excitedly waiting your next post. Continue on the terrific work.


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