All That Glitter Is Not Gold

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Current
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On a daily basis we sit with a dilemma where we need to make choices every step of way on our life’s journey.  These choices range from insignificant things like drinking coffee or tea, and then to more life changing decisions like putting your trust in someone; believing in what someone says.

Sometimes we find ourselves believing someone because we are blinded by their aura.  But what if we neglect to see the sensational connection from someone right under our noses?

One person can tell you that they love you and that they will fight for you right to the end, but it can all be purely just words.  When the tough gets going, they desert you.  They mimic precious stones like diamonds, but is merely clean cut glass with sharp edges that cut through your veins, penetrating your heart.  You are blinded with what they want you to see.

A black hardened rock under immense pressure in the core of the earth… the exterior that hides the most magnificent diamond inside.  You find a person that always have a listening ear.  A person that will listen and not judge.  A person that will support you and be available at any given time for your ‘in case of emergencies’.  A person that tries on a very nice manner to get me closer to my Saviour.  A person that will give a hug when my heart is aching and trying to jump out of my chest.  A person that will touch your hand to calm down the shivering hands.

To these precious gems that I always neglected to thank in my life, this is for you:  I commit that I will appreciate you for the magnificent creation you are for the rest of my life.  I pray that each one of you experience a lifetime of these miracles you have been to me.

All that glitter is not gold is a powerful statement and we often forget this.  Sometimes a light shines from within.  Open your eyes and see deeper.  Don’t mistakenly get blinded with the masks most of us wear, but look past the masquerade and value the true, untainted precious stones.


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