Polluted Paradise

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Current

There is a famous saying: ‘Love Hurts’, and I think we all have our fair share of these experiences.  But in addition to this, I think truth hurts as well… one party or the other.  This is almost like a mathematical equation:  Love = Hurts; Truth = Hurts, thus if ‘Love’ and ‘Truth’ both equals ‘Hurt’, then it is fair to say that Love = Truth.  I am gladly stating this as I believe that pure, unselfish love is nothing but truth as emotions are from our souls… and even vice versa as total truth is the foundation for a lifetime of unmatched love.  As I am writing this entry, I came across this quote and I cannot think of any better way to word it: “Love is giving someone the power to destroy you… but trusting them not to.”.

I had a choice: either to lie to someone and keep a friendship, or tell the truth and stand a very good chance to lose this friendship.  Maybe I made the wrong choice, but I decided that to tell the truth and as a result of this, lost a friendship.  I just couldn’t face the fact to deceive someone so dear.  As the pain sets in and I realise the emptiness that I currently experience, I came to realise a few things…

In the great relationships I had in my life, I made sure it was driven by love, but it is evident that I lacked the skills to choose the right companion to love or fall in love with.  With that statement I mean that I believe that love should be a two-way street… give and take.  I have travelled in a one-way street where I only gave my all and received not a hint of the same energy in return.  There was no balance and that made it unhealthy.  I have given all my heart and trusted wholeheartedly.  I have walked in one way streets (regarding love and trust).  I have trusted someone and believe in them and what they said, but as lost this friendship, I noticed that is was all nothing but words.  Double whammy.

Look at all the idioms about love;  ‘You fall in love’, ‘She broke my heart’, ‘Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?’, ‘Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control’ and the last one I want to mention… ‘If I could be any part of you, I’d be your tears.  To be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.’.  If you do a search on the world wide web, you will find the most amazing quotes.

As you read all these quotes, do you realise that love is not something you can control?  I believe that love is very similar to a lightning bolt – unpredictable and indescribably powerful, and as a lightning strike, you cannot cage or control it.  Love happens when you least expect it… love happens without you creating it.  Even if you try to, you heart will unwillingly surrender to love’s energy.  Some say love is blind, and to a certain degree to I agree with it.  You oversee flaws and defects, and afterwards the love accepted it and become the strength of their weaknesses.

Someone once told me that love is an energy.  I truly believe that to be the truth.  And as thousands and thousands of scientists proved over and over again over hundreds of years, is that no energy can be destroyed.  Love is equivalent to the energy of the sun.

At night, you do not see the sun.  You see a moon, but you only see the moon because of the enormous light energy that the sun provide!  You are able to see the moon because of the suns rays reflecting off it.  The sun doesn’t go on and off, it is always there!  Do not ignore love!  And your love must shine through every living moment to the one you love!  Tell your spouse you love them at least twice a day.  Love is the driving force behind hope, the seed for laughter, the nutrition for emotional growth.

Is love Eden where everything begun – where man and woman was naked – bare with nothing to hide?  Is love the land of milk and honey that only the selected will cherish?  Is our love now an Eden that we polluted?

I took my emotions and let it cover you like autumn leaves cover the forest floor.  You did not see the beauty in the leaves, you saw discoloured foliage.  My love covered every surface like dense morning mist – not neglecting a single leaf or blossom.  Love is blind, but sometimes people prefer not to see the power behind it because they are scared.

To say to someone you love them and trust them, and not truly feel the energy that you expressed in words are death to someone’s hope in the future.


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