What Am I?

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current

Here is a little riddle and I hope everyone reading this will try to find out what I am talking about.  It is pretty simple.  There might be a little deeper meaning to it, and maybe not.  Stick to the simple, most obvious answer.

I am part of something.  We are normally in sets of 6 or 8.  I lie stretched out, exposing my whole being, no possibility to hide anything.  What I have to offer you is right in front of you.  By the touch of your hand you can tension me even further.

I have mainly one use, but I have a variation of this use.  When you pull and snap at me, it is only to get the required results.  Your hands alone is enough to change everything about me, except for my DNA. You play me as you need me; you play me according to your requests.  If taken care of you will get the perfect results that you need.  But that is your choice whether you want to fine tune me or neglect me.

When the gig is over, you put me away.  Not once do you think of me.  You only see the bigger things.  You only notice the things you want to notice.  You only appreciate the expensive stuff.  I am not huge, but I can assist.  I am not expensive, but I can make you rich; I am not a psychiatrist, but I can calm your nerves.

With each song you play, you wear me out, but you don’t care.  You find it easy to replace me.


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