Unspoken Language

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current

Skin tone, Body Language and Tone of Voice.  People tend to hide behind the skin tone excuse… the one thing you don’t have a choice but to accept and to realize you cannot change it.  Yet, body language and the tone of your voice is YOUR choice; YOUR meanings behind the scene.  Why doesn’t anyone try to hide behind that?  Are we all too scared to admit that we are weak?  Body language can tell a lot of untold stories.  The eyes are powerful and guide you: it makes you aware of the perfect nature.  It is said to be the windows to the soul; and through these windows you can see sorrows, pain, laughter and happiness.

Seems like the tongue tell the conscious tales while the body tells the story behind the story, and the eyes express the emotions involved.  I think that is partly why I am scared to look into someone’s eyes.  Maybe I am scared to fall in love again, or I am scared to see the pain.


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