Unspoken Language (Continued)

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current
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My unspoken words – active but unnoticed. If I do not say something, do not assume I don’t feel anything.  I care; I sympathize; I try to be supportive and I do love.  I do not express these feelings in words as a lot of people take offense and pulls back.  People are uncomfortable to hear  a lot of these things.

Do I care about you?  Do I want to support you in every possible way?  Do I want to give you my everything?  Do I love you? I do.  One day I might express it in words, but what will keep you from running?  Will you be able to handle such truth?  I do not allow a lot of people close to me, but the ones I allow into my heart, those few  forms part of my character; they form part of my emotions; they receive my unconditional and pure love.

If I express my feelings and emotions in words, will you accept them as if it is the last thing I will ever say?  Or will you get used to it and the words will not have the same effect as when I said it the first time?

Language is a communication highway.  But it has two directions, and it is the same with unspoken language.  I care about you, yet you push my away without knowing it.  I touched you, and your body language showed that I have offended you and you grow more distant.  Slowly but surely, I think I need to get off this road and find a different road to travel as this road might just lead to heartache and pain.


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