The Inevitable Course Of Nature

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current
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Water discolour the rocks as they seep through towards the surface, moisture barely visible before it evaporates. But, day by day, it becomes more visible and more difficult not to notice. Water barely moving and the surface is as smooth as a mirror.

As time passes, it erodes a pathway for itself. As its concaved corridor winds through the toughest rocks and terrain, its path becomes part of the scenery; it becomes an attraction by itself.

Now a little stream flows displaying smooth ripples as it moves from its origin to its destination.

The rocks try to fight back, but to no avail.  There are cracks in the rocks and a softer compound made over the years, and in the same moment some stronger feature that has a lot more resistance.  The different types of resistance that a rock provides, navigates the water to its destiny.

As the river cuts deeper, you start seeing the white ridges where the forces are strong.  During all this time, the discoloured rocks underwent a metamorphosis from untouched rocks to a grand canyon where no bridge can cross it.

The enormous size of this canyon divides this faraway place into two: on the one side you find a pale, harsh and lifeless desert.  On the other side you see luscious green fields, trees baring tropical fruits, flowers in bloom.  Butterflies floating from the one blossom to the next.  Gentle winds rustling the leaves and mimic waves as it brushes over the long grass in the fields.  In the perches of the trees, you see colourful birds in their nests.

This is the inevitable course of nature. It is its destiny.  To the explorers out there, take the following to heart, make it your compass and your map:

As you are aware of what powers water have, it is up to you to make the choice whether you want to be on the side where the desert sun will scorch you and leave visible scars on a daily basis, or if you want to be surrounded by the sounds of the birds, the aroma of the flowers and the scent of honey on a daily basis.  You must make that choice before it is too late.  Isn’t it easier to take a step over a little stream than to try and cross a grand canyon?

Don’t make the mistake I have!

  1. Trudie says:

    And it is never too late to build that bridge! *hugs*


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