Spitting Image Of An Angel

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current

I was thinking of my ‘criteria’ that I mentioned in my previous blog.  And later during this new blog I will probably go through those criteria again.  But I want to describe this friend of mine.

She is truly gorgeous.  I can try to pinpoint it to her amazingly lovely neck, her heart-warming face, her intoxicating eyes, her stylish whole being, but it will not do her justice.  She got an amazing personality.  She has this fun person within herself.  And as an added bonus: she can ‘sort of’ handle my twisted sense of humour.

A heavenly sensation rinses your eyes when you see this beauty: the soft, gentle and caring touch dissolve emptiness to a comfortable and cosy warmth that fills you from inside.  Her smile you must experience.  Your heart will race, and your blood will be pursuit to the grandest waterfall, your emotions will run wild, your mind will be tangled in magic, your nerves will be electrocuted with a positive discharge of total amazement.  Her smile can only be compared to nature.  Why?  Because it is pure and not fake.

Her voice – soothing and calming, friendly and intoxicating.  Eyes penetrating through the walls you built around yourself.  Inserting an indescribable joy; filling every inch of you with a breathtaking flabbergast and total envy.

Her eyes – I get lost in those eyes.  I can look at her eyes for hours.  I will never have looked enough.  I fade into a fantasy world filled with fairy tales when I look into those remarkable eyes.  I wish time could stand still when I look into those eyes.  It is eyes that no-one can resist but fall in love with them.  They tell so many stories.

Her skin is soft to touch, and have the power to melt you away. Angelic? Even more so.  Her hands are perfect.  She touches you softly and you will feel like a skyscraper that experiences a hectic earthquake – exposed, powerless against this feeling.  Her lips are so inviting.  It attracts you like flowers a bee… honey heaven.  You would just want to kiss them.

Here I will try to paint a picture that I pray everyone will experience at least once in their life.

Her whole being is like the ocean.  Independent, free, mysterious.

A cozy pinch to reality:

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea. – Isak Dinesen

Capturing the rhythmic song of this sea can only be described as follows:

I took of my shoes, and I stepped onto the white, soft sands.  My feet sinking into the sand and a sense of comfort overwhelmed me.  I sat down to admire the sea, appreciate the musical beat of the waves and the refreshing aroma.  I looked to the left and I looked to the right.  This is what I had in my view – A sea that stretches over the whole horizon, yet it stretches so much further than what the eye can see.  This is where I want this friend to look at herself and see what I see.  The sea covers between 70% and 75% of the earth’s surface.  That is ultimate power!  She has the power within herself, but she doesn’t acknowledge it.

Experience the beauty of the coral reefs – treacherous for a stranger, but a safe keep for the ones you love.  You must experience the enchanting surroundings.

She has unparalleled supremacy that she never explored.  From micro-organisms to blue whales… from things she doesn’t think is important to things that are obvious.  Within her, I see a harmonious eco-system of passion, love, independence.  Entwined into all this is the power to put smiles on faces, calm aching hearts, happiness, and laughter.  Her soft, caring heart is the micro-organisms like plankton… small, never noticed, yet it feeds whales.  Her nature, her heart and her passion is what is feeding the people around her.  She just doesn’t see it.

People have faith in her and believe in her, but she doubts herself.  She has an oceanic orchestra of brilliance to offer.

She is an ocean filled with gems.  Her waves crush thunderous on the rocks, trying to filter out pain and she copes with it.  She acts strong, but she is gentle, she is kind.  I hope that one day she will find someone she can talk to and filter out all the pain that dwell in her.  She is a pearl of compassion; a diamond of determination.  Her heart is like an exploding volcano on the ocean floor; magma of love and an unrivalled caring energy.  Maybe she is afraid of the magnitude of power that she has.

I think she might even hide from it.

Each chamber of her heart is like one of the ocean currents; each with their different characteristics.

The best things cannot be made by man; it cannot be fabricated.  It is either there… or not!  She has life within her that she never discovered because she never took the journey.

I have been around to know when I see a puddle, a pool, a dam or a sea.

It is on very seldom occasions where you actually meet someone that has so much to offer.  She doubts herself, and I wish she will never do that injustice to herself.  Never live in fear.  Never let regret rule your life.  Look at yourself from my eyes or someone else’s.

I wish her the very best for her future.  I pray she finds what she is looking for in life.  I wish her oceans will be blessed with laughter and joy, smiles and passion.

Remember, whether the sun shines or rains; whether it is daylight or night, the sea is always there… once you know what the sea is about; you don’t need to see it to believe in it;

So remember, even if someone is not close, the memory of what they experience with you will ALWAYS remain.  Sometimes you need the full moon’s reflection to remind you what is out there, but it doesn’t mean it has disappeared.

When you see her, the feelings aren’t limited to the sea.  The sky is not the limit – the universe is the limit.  When you look up into the skies at night, you see millions of stars.  And with the naked eye, you don’t see much more, but you know there are planets, solar systems, the Milky Way, moons and so much more unknown even.

In short… you will always be amazed with this lady, her beauty outside and her beauty inside.  If you think about it… isn’t it some criteria of an angel?  The beauty, the feeling it creates, the hope and faith it brews.  The thought and possibility to have an encounter with an angel, makes you look forward to the next day.

This lady gives amazing hugs.  I would hug this lady 24/7 if I could.  And with entry I want to add the words of one of my all-time favourite bands ever… Read the words, appreciate the words, then realise how much a person can mean to you, even if it is a mystery sometimes.



My ammunition won’t load into my gun
My inhibitions, they fall like the weight from a stone
You lead my heart away like a homeless, dusted fool
Somehow this dime store ring still shines like a diamond to you

Oh, how it deepens
Oh, how it deepens

Your mystery
Keeps on turnin’ me on
Your mystery

Thought I knew the rules, thought I held it in my hand
Thought I was bulletproof till the blood pooled up in the sand
Are you a satellite, a shooting star or a dove?
Did we put you way up there or did God send you down from above?

Oh, how it deepens
Oh, how it deepens

Your mystery
Keeps on turnin’ me on
Your mystery
Burns me up like the sun
Your mystery

Mine eyes have seen the glory of a love that does transcend
Mine eyes have seen the worst inside of man
And fear is like a fallen bridge broken from an edge
And the proof is in the bloodshot eyes of the one who failed to see


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