Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current

Well, this new blog I will start with something I have been neglecting for years now.  I am going to paste lyrics of two songs that actually describe love in a very powerful way.

Nelly Furtado – In God’s Hands


Love Shines (A Song For My Daughters About God)‎

Some people say ‘Knowledge is Power’, however, it is not totally correct.  “Applied Knowledge is Power”.  And that is what I want to say about love.  If you have the capability of loving, yet you do not love, then you are solar panels in a universe where there is no sun!

The Bible taught us that God created the earth in 6 days, the seventh day He rested. That is where the Bible is wrong.  God DID create the earth in 6 days, but when He was done with that, He started to create love.  Thousands of years later, is He still creating love.

Love is energy, it cannot be destroyed, but you need to make an effort to reap the full benefits from it!  You and your loved ones will never regret it!


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