Lady Of My Dreams

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current

Ok, let me try this.  Last night I couldn’t write about my ‘dream’ woman.  I am not back on the high that I want to find myself in, but I do want to write down what I believe is the woman of my dreams.  I am not sure how my writing will be though.  Should I realise that I thumb suck rather than write down what comes from my mind and my heart, I will stop with this and continue later when I will not just write down that I ‘think’ I want.

Interior Design:

I want someone that can understand me.  I want someone that can handle my twisted sense of humour; someone that have comebacks for everything I say; someone that can stop me asking all these questions.  Someone that will blow my mind away with anything they say; clever or stupid, but at the right time.  I want someone that will argue when it is necessary and not when it is unasked for.  I want someone that will talk to me; someone that will hold me every time we see each other, even 50 years later.

I need someone that is positive about life; someone that is open-minded and adventurous.  I want someone that is energetic with anything they tackle and someone that is not scared to get their hands dirty.  I want someone that is independent and knows what she wants in life.

Will I find someone like that?

Outer Architecture:

I am describing this in a random order and not according to my preferences.  Later during this entry, I might add my preferences, but for now I just want to jot down what is on my mind.

I prefer brunettes above any other; however, I have met a handful of blondes that I will not mind to take home at all.  This is not really an issue anymore as 90% of ladies dye their hair in any case.  I do prefer long hair though, but that all depends on the lady and her style and type of face.

I love a face that is not smothered in an overkill of make-up.  In my opinion, make-up should only be used to enhance your good features.  I love a face that is enticed with joy, even with little laugh wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

A dimple or two is a bonus (you can add a small beauty spot here too)

This brings me to the eyes.  Do I prefer blue eyes or green eyes?  To be honest, I thought I preferred blue eyes, but I have seen the most amazing brown eyes that I don’t care about the colour anymore.  The eyes must be inviting to look into them.  One weakness I have though is that I don’t make eye-contact easily.  Is it because I have something to hide?  It is purely that if I see eyes that I thoroughly enjoy to stare at the whole time, I fall in love with those eyes, and a lot of times with that person too – overriding all my warnings and scepticism.  Soft lips that invite you to kiss them over and over again are just another sales pitch!

The neck is a killer show stopper for me!  I have recently seen a lady with the perfect neck.  The softness of her skin, the sprinkle of the right amount of perfume; the smooth contours of her neck onto her shoulders.  I totally go weak when I experience this view.

The hands are just as important to me as anything else.  Nice looked after hands can make or break a mood.

Now to the more juicy pg-rated parts.  The stomach, breasts, legs and boudjies.  I decided to combine these as I might just go into too much detail about each of these areas.

I will feast on a little tummy and the navel if it is catering for a lot of fun.  With this I am not saying the lady must be this model-like look!  I do not want to be reminded of the ‘vel-been-en-poepol-alleen’ saying when I see her.  She must have a little meat on her.  And I promise you, I have seen one or two people that I am crazy about.  Not too little and not too much… just enough!

Breasts I don’t mind the size… my mommy taught me that anything more than a handful is a waste… there I am listening to her.  I have seen some awesome ‘talent’ that makes you crave for more and more and more!  Just if I had the guts to ask for a mulligan or 6! And like I said it is not necessarily the size.  It can be the size, the shape, or just the way they are presented.

Lovely legs are another area that can make me weak.  As well as nice ass!  I made the mistake once to refuse to touch a friend’s nice boudjies… I can still kick my ass for it!

The funny thing is that all my criteria are based a bit deeper than just looks.  It is all about how a lady looks after herself.  And look at any of these things I mentioned and then you decide yourself whether I am telling you lies or not.  In all honesty, if you look at any aspect, it is all about how a lady presents herself and look after herself.

Now, you ask if I will ever find someone with all this?  Trust me I asked myself the same question.  And contradicting my previous entry, I do have the answer for this question at least.

Yes there is a lady out there that set all the standards and more. In fact, there is one lady that actually exceeds all these expectations I have… and more!  I mean this lady dress according to her body.  Sexy, provoking, and yet still very stylish.

Can I have her? Short answer to this question (another one that I do have the answer for) is ‘No’.  It is just one of those things in life.  Some things you should not experience as it set a standard that very few can match or even get close.


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