Dear Willow Tree

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current
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To my dear friend and relative, The Willow Tree. So gracious and elegant, yet different. Your roots are notable for their toughness and persistence to life.  Your roots are frequently visible from the aerial parts of your being.  Your semi-evergreen leaves with their shimmering light-green shade creates calmness in summer and a picturesque portrait when they turn yellow in autumn.

When you see a palm tree, you are filled with a holiday spirit.  When you see a rose, you think of love.  If you see a cactus, you think of the desert. What fills your mind and soul when you see a willow tree?

Your watery bark contains salicylic acid charged sap and very few like that, but there have been reasons for it. You take away the pain of millions, and a fraction of a percentage knows that you are their help in need and carrying their pain.  Have anyone come to you to say thank you?  I doubt it.

Yes friends,  Willow trees does have that quality!  The salicylic acid is used to make aspirin and it is also used to make medicines that act as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.

In popular myths it is said that you have stood erect and tough.  The passing away of two lovers, touched the heart of the weeping willow trees that their branches wilted in sadness and could never rise up again  Hunched top to touch the roots, yet you always stay gracious.

Always facing down, gravitation always overpowers everything.  Your gentle branches with the tiny leaves create a blanket of safety for yourself… hiding your bark from the external elements. As the wind blows, your concaved branches play like wind chimes and sway back and forth.  At your feet is a river concaving around your roots; a trench created by years of flow.

You even act as an unique biofiltration system.  Your roots soaking up the water of life that created this little furrow filled with murky waters.  But as with any filtering system, you take in something, you purify it and release the cleansed product.  But what happens to the toxins? Does it not clog up your filtering system?  In some way or another, it does stain you and what you are all about my dear friend, the willow tree

In addition to this, you are used for bioengineering.  You are even known as a wildlife habitat and a shelterbelt to name a few.  You take others and provide them shelter and a home (a home is so much more than just a house you reside in).  You are being a safe haven without expecting anything in return.  According to Wikipedia, in Persian literature, the recognized adjective for ‘willow’ is lunatic, and lover (or lover’s heart) is compared to willow in many texts.

I am letting my branches down to cover my soul now too.  I opened it up and got scorched.  I have tried and tried again.  Unnoticed I want to be like you my cherished willow tree.

  1. Carike says:

    Ferds… Ek het dit regtig geniet… Ek mag heeltemal verkeerd wees maar jy skryf oor iemand… Iemand met ‘n pragtige hart, wat almal voor hom of haarself plaas… Omgee & bystaan, seer probeer wegneem en selfs hom/haarself te na kom om ander te help… Die persoon doen dit maar kry seer en besluit dan om ook vir hom/ haarself uit te kyk en hom/haarself te beskerm… Alles omtrent die persoon is mooi en regtig iets & iemand om te bewonder… Daars iets in my wat dink dis jy Ferds, altyd caring and concerned oor ander mense & jy kom jouself baie keer te na… Jy sien nie dat jy reeds soos die Willow tree is nie… Laat weet my maar hoe ver af of miskien spot on ek is… Dankie dat ek dit kon lees… Carike


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