Conflicting Minds

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current
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I saw a Facebook (online social network) status that made me laugh.  It was ‘I want to become a schizophrenic, but I am in two minds about it’, and today I almost feel like that.

There is a famous saying ‘A house is not a home’.  It is very short and very simple.  Four walls and a roof over your head is not merely a house.  It is about what you do to make this house your home.  You decide on the decor and practical aids you want.  You ‘design’ your interior to suit your needs.  Relationships, in my opinion, should be the same.  Don’t be in a relationship if the only reason why you are in a relationship is because you don’t want to be alone.  Look at things that will make this ‘emotional home’ you ‘soul mansion’!  Let the relationship with anyone, be like draping the perfect curtains or acquiring the perfect furniture to compliment your interior.  Sadly to say, the reverse is also true.  If you allow your home to be run down and destroyed, the devastating effects is also visible. If you allow irreplaceable wood to rot away, you will never repair it to its perfect condition.

I had a home… but I neglected it.  Now I only have a house.  Don’t take people for granted.  Don’t let people go through your life unnoticed.  Tell people if you care about them or love them.  Even better, show them you care!  Show them you love them.  Telling a person and showing person can be compared to an interior designer and a professional painter: an interior designer can tell you what you can do to look stunning, but the painter actually do the work.  When the interior designer left, there will be no sign of what was discussed, but when the painter is done with his work, everyone can see and admire your home!  Proof is in the pudding!

Did you ever have this feeling? I love you, but I hate myself for allowing that to happen?  I am happy to have you around, but in that very instance, it hurts as well.  You say you are a friend, but how much do you really know about me?  How interested are you to know things about me?  I think a lot of us has had this feeling or very similar.  As I sit here, I have all these questions.  It annoys me not to have these answers.  Recently a friend even made the disrespect she has for me and how little she thought of our friendship, evident.  It is not really helping my state of mind either. I think what actually gets to me and that one single person can disrespect me and my believes; enforce their opinion on someone and still have the audacity to discuss private matters as if it is an advertisement on TV.


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