A Dear Friend

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Current

There are so many weird and wonderful facts that we never think of.  Why is there four seasons in a year?  Your heart is the size of your fist. There are hundreds more of these little things.  It exists even if we never think about it.  Does one take enough time and energy to thank a friend for who they are?  Does one make an effort to appreciate the person?  I am of the opinion that we neglect the mere thought of such a person.  We always use the excuses ‘there is not enough time’, or ‘ but they know how I feel about them’, etc.

Are we so self-centred that we don’t care about the people that carry us through life?  Could you truthfully answer any of these questions without a hint of guilt?  Can you even answer any of these questions with no excuses and with no ‘buts’?

We are caught up in our own little world and we forget to see everything around us.  We go to work, we go home, we sleep, and the following day, we return to the same routine.  We don’t go home and walk through the garden.  We don’t go to work, and spend two minutes to find out how a colleague is doing.

I am just as much to blame for this kind of behaviour, but I identified this problem and I am addressing it.  And with this I want to say something about a special friend of mine.

I might not see this friend every day; I may not talk to her every day.  But I make an effort to have her in thought every day.  And a way to ensure you do not forget this person any day, you have to find something that you see every day.  All these memory boffins always talk about associations.  So let’s take their advice and do some associations with things that are important to us. The way I do it is to associate her with nature.  Even in our industrial jungle, do we still experience nature!  And it is pretty easy to compare a friend to such a creation.

Nature can be split up in four basic elements:  Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  My heart is split up in four chambers.  I take these four elements and each element fill one chamber of my heart. Quite ironic when you see how everything fits together like a puzzle, isn’t it?

A Cool Breeze Of Reason… Air is the first element that I am going to elaborate on.

Air… is what we breath; air is what plants need to grow and in turn generate more oxygen; air that is captured in the waters of the oceans, feed from the smallest microorganisms to the biggest mammals on earth.  Air is the one thing mankind neglect to look after!  If we are not careful, we will realize it when it is too late.

Air can be seen as my friend’s thoughts.  Just like air, thoughts can’t be seen either.  It does not mean it does not exist.  It is one of the most difficult things to do:  to believe in something you can’t see, feel or touch.  Wind is purely the movement of air.  Maybe every once in a while, remind yourself that!  Even if you can’t see air, you can feel a gentle breeze or wind brush through your hair.

Respect your friend’s air element.  It doesn’t mean you always have to agree, but respect it nonetheless.  A wind twisting out of proportion can devastate countries within a few minutes! I have learned to take time to try and understand my friend’s thoughts and ideas.  It is not always easy, but I respect her and her views.

Inhale the air… fill your lungs to their fullest capacity… keep it in for a few seconds to allow your lungs to get the most of each breath, and exhale.  Do this a few times and you will feel rejuvenated!

Air… sustains life!

Flames of Passion… The fire element of nature.  We always see fire as a  bad thing.  We always concentrate on the negatives.  Fire keeps us warm on cold nights.  Fire cooks our food.  But we forget to see that.  Some trees in forests actually need fire to ensure that their seedlings geminate and start a new generation.  We tried to control some of those forest fires and we almost wiped out generations and multitudes of tree species!

Her passion for the things she has in her life is amazing.  It is as powerful as the magma below earth’s surface.  It is strong enough to shape mountains.  Some might not even know this, but it is there.  Just because you do not take the time to look a little deeper.  Do not miss any opportunity.  Look deeper and admire the magic.

I overlooked this lady’s passion for some time… maybe I was too stubborn to see it, or I was just too ignorant, but I missed out on a lot.  Every moment that I neglected to experience this, is time that I allowed to go to waste.  You all know that you cannot regain wasted time.

Live for the moment as each passing moment that was not utilised in full, is only ashes of a burnt out fire… no heat and no light. Do not try to put that fire out!  Let it burn… let it find and do its purpose.

Do not try to put constraints on your friend’s passion.  Let it keep the warmth inside.  Let her feel warm within.  Allow the comfortable and cosy feeling overwhelm her every moment.  Let the warmth glow through her face. Let the warmth radiate through her skin and touch.

Fire… sustains life!

Swamped by Emotions…Water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface.  Water molecules are miraculously strong.

Close your eyes and imagine the following:  There is a beautiful rocky mountain in front of you and you bow to its magnificence as you cannot cross it or blast a path through it.  Rain clouds move in swiftly, it covers this mountain and the heavens open.  After the rains, you look at this mountain, shimmering as the water glazed the mountain’s surface with the golden reflection of the dawning sun.

The night sets in and the temperature drops below zero.  You curl up in your sleeping bag and fall asleep.

The next morning when you step outside, you see this huge rock that role down the mountain.  What happened?  Things we never take the time to notice, goes unnoticed through life!

When it rained, the water penetrated little cracks in the unbeatable mountain. When the temperature dropped and froze the water that was trapped in these little cracks, the water expanded;  it widened the crack and literally tore the rock from the rest of the mountain.

There is such a great life lesson for us in this whole story, but I will let you simmer over it first… I just hope you find the answer to that first.

Just like the water, emotions are powerful!  I know this as I have suppressed my emotions for years and it didn’t get me anywhere.  It almost destroyed me.  This friend’s emotions are pure and to be appreciated.  She’s got so much to give.  I have realised that she tries to suppress it as well, to make life easier for others, but I hope that the others that know her, will realise that she is limiting herself to what she can become… just because of them.

Hold your hands in the shape of a bowl and fill it with water.  Can you control the flow of the water?  Can you contain it?  Water can be contained to a certain extent… but not controlled!  I think we all should realise it.  Don’t try to control your emotions.  At the right time, ‘contain’ it a little, but let it get out… rather sooner than later.  Do not let your ‘water’ break the last element of your nature.

Allow your friend to cry.  We use water to wash ourselves, and allow a friend’s tears to ‘wash’ their emotions.  Allow their emotions to run freely.

Water… sustains life!

Solid As A Rock… The last element of nature is earth, but do not think for a moment it is the least important element.  Earth is a symbol of stability.  And the same goes for my friend.  I have given my friend uphill and attitude, but even after that, she still stood strong and supported me and stood by me when I needed her.  Furthermore, earth is a place where all beautiful creations are residing.  My friend has so many great qualities; so much to offer.

On earth we have beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, amazing forests, miraculous eco-systems.  Earth is the residence of every possible thing we know.  Earth is our home, our safe haven.

Earth… contains life!

Air, Fire, Earth and Water… basic elements that are the combination key to perfection.  A winning recipe for pure flawless creations.  I took these four elements of my friend, and each element filled a chamber of my heart.  I can truthfully say that she filled my heart completely.  Now I want to set a challenge to you.  Sit down, and explain to anyone and everyone what you see in one of your friends.

Time.  Time is the one thing that is more than likely not on your side.  How many times did something happen where you wished ‘If I just had the time to…’.  Don’t allow it to happen!  Make time for your friends.  Go out of your way to make time for those special friends.  You cannot create time; you cannot stop time; you cannot rewind time.  Use it wisely as each second is a moment and every moment is gone within a second..

Don’t delay.  You have one chance in life, so make it count!  It took me a while to understand what some of my friends mean to me.  And now I know, I understand.  I am in the fortunate yacht where qualities overwhelms quantity, so I wish to say to a handful of my friends that’s really close to me, read this and take this to heart, because that is where you are.


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