New Year’s Resolutions

Posted: December 31, 2007 in Prior to 2006

So what is your new year’s resolution?  I think mine will be to retake my studies and slowly but surely get my life back on track.  A more drastic one?  Maybe try and find and win over the lady of my dreams, but before then I need to get the courage to step over that line.  For now, I will stick to the studies as it is more accomplish-able.

I am trying now to make a entry into this document on a daily basis, or as regular as what I have something worth while to say.  I want to touch my faith again, i.e. reading the Bible more frequently.  I want to get my life and soul back on track.  I have a few goals I want to reach during 2006.  My studies won’t be in the same direction as before.  It will be work related.  After that I want to get some studies completed in photography.  I want to advance my mental state and improve myself.  All in due time though.  All in due time.

I want to exercise again.  Get fit, healthy and in shape.  My sister wants to walk ‘Die Otter’ and for that, you need a lot of exercise. I want to treat the people in my life with love and respect.  I want to try and rectify the things I screwed up in the past.

So, if I have to list the things I want to change this year, it will be as follows:

i.)                  Faith – I want to strengthen my faith and live closer to my Creator.

ii.)                Studies – I want to exercise my brain with studies before my brain becomes a vacuum.

iii.)              Health – I want to exercise and eat correct.  I want to end up with a flat stomach and even build up a little bit of muscle, not just flabby fat cells.

iv.)              Friends and Family – treat the important people in my life with love and respect as they deserve.  Place them on a pedestal where they belong.

That pretty much cover it.  ALL that is my new year’s resolutions.


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