Posted: October 20, 2006 in Prior to 2006

I heard  today a saying “Faith Precedes Miracles”.  I have never thought about it but I just realised why I think some of the people I know are miracles.  Maybe it is because I have faith in them.  Maybe that is my whole problem.  I put too much faith in people.

It brings me back to relationships – people are too selfish to make adjustments or they change so much that they inherit the other person’s personality and lose their own.  Where should one draw the line?  I think there are three options when building a long-term relationship.  One option is to sacrifice, one is to compromise and the last is a bit of both from both sides.

The way I see it, sacrifice is when you give up who you are to make someone else happy.  You change yourself to make someone else complete. Where you, in fact, emptied yourself to fulfil the other.  I do not believe in it and I never will.

The difference between sacrifice and compromise is this:  according to the dictionary, sacrifice means giving up something you value whilst compromise is settling for something a little less.

I believe in a healthy percentage of compromise from both parties.  Compromise is where you don’t stop being yourself, but you accept that you and your other half made a new unity.  It is where each other compliment each other’s personality and make a fulfilling unit.

Friendships are relationships too.  I truly care for some friends and get told I am fake.  Friends are all I live for and now I get told that I am fake?  So my life and my ideals are fake?  As soon as I decide to let friends close to my heart and allow them to enter where few people enter my soul, this happens.  What I am about to say will have a lot a swearing and cursing and that is why I rewrote this document, so I ask you to imagine what I think.  Now if you wonder why I push people away when they get close, now you have a little insight on why.

I have met the greatest people, I have met not so great people.  However, I have always respected both groups.  Now, I am not sure about it anymore.  Maybe people are of the opinion that my respect is fake too.

I am closing this entry as I am about to explode where I am supposed to try and sleep, but my head is spinning and I don’t know anymore.


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