Lust And Love

Posted: October 20, 2006 in Prior to 2006

A few weeks of absence from this.  I have decided to add a few words again.  It will be random thoughts as I didn’t attend to this document for a long time.

My first train of thought… Be willing to sacrifice anything you have, except your heart and soul – even if you think you are absolutely sure.  The heart and souls is who you are.  But what does a heart mean when you confuse lust for love?  Lust is when you want to go to bed with someone and stay awake having sex; love is when you go to bed together, as one, hold each other tight, feeling perfect when you open your eyes and the first thing you see is your rays of sunshine (sex is just a added benefit).

How many of us truly know what love is?  How many of us knows what it takes to love someone?  How many of us know the difference between love and lust?

I think that people doesn’t understand love.  I think people think love does not involve working on the feeling.  I think love is like a game… any game.  It takes effort, hard work and practice to make you truly good at loving someone.  Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.  The prize is irreplaceable.  If you are a winner (without taking shortcuts and cheating), you will understand the enormous authority and magical powers of true love.

A song Armchair Cynics Coalmine got the coolest words.  It is in the line of ‘it is time you find diamonds in the coal mine called me’.  Very powerful words!  You cannot find the best person if you don’t make the effort to look.

No matter how dull and lame some friendships seem, there is always that one or two that change your view drastically.  I have met great and wonderful people.  And as time move on and life flies past our preoccupied eyes, you tend to lose contact…yet, it doesn’t mean the thought is not there.

As I read through some of these pages that I added here, I wonder if I am the only one with so many issues?  I think my mind has left me a few years back already.


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