Missing Pieces

Posted: September 20, 2006 in Prior to 2006

I know here is a part missing.  For some odd reason I have lost a big piece that was supposed to be saved here.  I will update this document with the missing pieces if I can restore some of it.  I have a lot on my mind.  The ones I love and missed for so long, do uplift my spirit, but time gets shorter and my thoughts already starts drifting.  I know I work on some people’s nerves and I know some doesn’t mind me bugging them.  How long will it be till I see them again?  One year?  Three years? Five years even?  A special friend of mine is smiling, she looks so happy, she looks forward to life, the best sight to see ever.

Other thoughts?  Scared I suppose… of consequences of decisions I made.  Nervous and anxious is mixed into the fear.

A family I never had – away from home; friends you can’t compare to the greatest treasures in life.  I owe these people so much, but where to start t repay them?  How do you repay them?  Will even everything in this world be enough?

I started reading a book at one of my friends.  She suggested I definitely had to read this book.  This book talked about hell, and what to expect… and it is scary to say the least.  After reading that book I just realised how important and urgent it is to get my life sorted.  I can’t postpone it for any longer.


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