Guardian Angel Named Love

Posted: September 7, 2006 in Prior to 2006
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A thought popped into my mind a few minutes ago.  Almost everyone believes that each one of us has a guardian angel watching over us.  Now the first image that pops into your mind is a halo, bright light and wings, clouds surrounding a heavenly figure.

I realised that it is quite obvious that we all have a guardian angel watching over us, but not as the image most of us have in our heads.  And the best of it all, we believe in a guardian angel, yet we have never seen one.  In my believe, that is where we are all wrong.

Who cares about you, no matter what?

Who looks after you when suicide feels like a preventative measure?

Who lifts your spirits when you feel sad?

Who is the fountain of hope when you think al is lost?

All this is done by something closer to us than what we will ever realise.  It is next to us, in us, surrounding us.  We see and experience it every single day of our lives.  This guardian angel has a name and no, I don’t mean Gabriel.  This angel’s name is Love.  There is always someone who loves you.  Love brings forth hope; love is the birth of caring hearts; love is the uplifting spirit; love is the cure to any disease; love makes you feel good about yourself; love gently force a smile on your face. Show me anyone that will not smile or have happy thoughts when they think of love.

Start looking in the most obvious places for your guardian angel, and remember that angels are among us.  An angel can be a person, a feeling, an emotion.  Love can heal.  Love can solve.  Love can do the impossible.

Remember that love is the two parts in the Ten Commandments.  Lover your Creator, Love your Neighbour.


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