Posted: August 29, 2006 in Prior to 2006

How come we always pray for some sort of signs?  We look for a shooting star or something.  Little do we realise that there are always signs around us… and a lot of them too.  I have been praying, begging for a sign.  And as I realised it is wrong and selfish to do such a thing, things happen.  I got an SMS.  No, not from an extra-terrestrial being.  I’ve wished; I’ve prayed; I’ve hoped; pleaded for an SMS.  I got it last night. No weird or fancy SMS, just a simple SMS.  The signs are all around us.  Look at nature.  They don’t look for signs for when it is going to be raining or when drought is on its way.  Nature makes the most of the single instant moment they have.  They have survived millions of years, and even still now, a flower is blooming even when we screw up the earth.  Not waiting for any signs.  Just living their lives! And they survive!

We have one earth.  Why do we let it go to waste?  OK, I am all confused and probably sound like it, and the slight headache is not helping, so I am going to leave this monitor for a little while and try to get some rest.

And I feel wonderful after that rest, and just because of a SMS.  Maybe God knew I will go insane (more than what I am already) with all the silence.  I thought I am well off being alone.  I think I now understand the whole thing why Eve was created.  We are not supposed to be alone.  Two people together can be a more complete single unit.  I have so much to be grateful for.

I shortened my walk last night.  Partly cause I was tired and cold, partly because I still felt good.  Tonight I might sleep early as well, since I will be helping an uncle with some work.


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