Posted: August 28, 2006 in Prior to 2006

Use your senses and concentrate on the good sensations, as it will stick to your mind.

When you smell, ignore the smell of a wet dog in the rain, but concentrate on the sensation of the heavenly showers on the soil – a fresh, clean smell.

When you look with your eyes, don’t cast your awareness to the dark and murky clouds, but rather experience the view of a miraculous rainbow.

When you listen, forget the traffic and sirens, but enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the raindrops on the leaves, the calming sounds of a waterfall, the song of birds in the trees.

When you feel, don’t mull over the coldness of the rain, but benefit from the wonderful massage that relaxes the tensest muscles.

When you use your tongue, don’t curse the rain, but thank your Creator, for the rain brings new life.

I utilised my senses on all the negative things in life.  I should’ve used my eyes to see the mystical beauty, the wonderful smile, the soul-seeking eyes.  I should’ve used my nose to smell the fragrance of her hair, the fragrance of her hair, I should’ve captured the sense of feeling of her hand.  I should’ve used my ears, not just to hear, but to listen! Listen to her words, her hymn, her song.  I should’ve used my tongue not to destruct something good, but to express feelings.  I should’ve said the right thing at the right time, but I was afraid.

Don’t go through life and waste it all by using your sense for the wrong reasons and just not use it right at all.  Use it wisely.

Our Creator gave us the greatest power in this universe and that is… CHOICE!  I hope you make the right choice.

Hear AND Listen       –           Listen to a loved one and be interested.  All of us want to be heard.  Some have someone to talk to, I have chosen to use this as a medium for now.  Later on it might change.  I do not know what the future holds.  Listen to your soul mate, lover, your ‘other half’.  You will not regret it.  You will hear a sweet, caring, loving and relaxing voice.  That little song will fill your heart and it will radiate through your whole being.

Eye Contact                –           They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.  One can find a  lot of emotion in the eyes.  Even if a person tries to hide it.  You can sense a smile, anger, sadness and even love. An argumentative glare, a loving, seductive glance.  One glimpse in the morning can show that special someone that you love and care for them.  You can say a million words and express a million feelings without saying one single word.

Touch                          –           A soft, gentle touch can make one quiver because love rushes through their veins. A soft stroke, barely touching your other half, connect people in a romantic, sensual way, away from daily stress.  Two hands interlocking with each other, a caring hug, a soft kiss on the cheek or forehead.  There are no limits to these feelings.

Touch can hurt too!  So be gentle!

Speak                          –           Communicate!  None of us communicate anymore!  Speak to each other as if it is your very first date; speak to each other as if it is the last opportunity you have to say something to your loved one.  Do things like:  put a little note under a pillow to say “I Love You”; leave a voicemail saying “I Miss You”; Send a SMS saying ‘Smooch”!  Whatever it is, use it wisely! Whatever it is, let it be truthful!

I’ll end this entry tonight with the following thought:  I’ve heard on the radio once that “TIME is the language of LOVE”.  Make time for each other.  Listen to each other.  Speak to each other.  Make eye contact.  Touch.  Don’t let the good things in life go to waste!


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