Absolute Power

Posted: August 21, 2006 in Prior to 2006

I’ve heard once that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.  I am not sure about it as I have never tried to lift a car with my tongue, but I am sure that the tongue is the most powerful.

The first a person can think of, is that the tongue can taste.  Bitter, sweet, savoury or sour.  Put a drop of ice cream on your tongue and feel the tingling sensation.  How about dropping a seed of a Jalapeno chilli on your tongue and see how your facial expressions change, not to mention your skin tone.  And I can continue with this for hours.

To go a little bit out of the box as well. The tongue can generate a sensation of passion too.  Used correctly, your ‘lover’ and yourself can have hours of fun and enjoy the feeling of being one.  And I am not talking only about kinky stuff…

Then of course, it can freak some people out too.

But there is a lot more to the tongue.  The tongue can communicate!  Good or bad!  It is just your choice how you use it.  You can tell lies or you can speak the truth.  The tongue is the medium of communication.  When you insult someone, look at the disappointment and hurt that you caused.

Compliment someone on the smallest thing, and look what  great difference you make in that person’s life for that day!

Using your tongue wisely… You can say the right thing at the wrong time; the wrong thing at the right time, the wrong thing at the wrong time and the right thing at the right time!  That is the slim odds to use your tongue correctly.  And that is why the saying goes, think before you speak!  And how many times have you neglected to say the right thing at the right time?  Or even just not bother to say it at all…ever?

Just keep this in mind:  A compliment’s strength is much less than an insult.  I compliment only goes skin deep; an insult cut through the heart.  Compliments should be given from the heart, to try and have that compliment stick for as long as possible.

I bite my tongue when I am of the opinion that I will gamble with a friendship.  I grow fond of someone, but refuse to express my feelings as I am of the opinion that I will lose that friendship.  Not once, many a times! I say it in my mind, and then I ask myself the unanswerable questions ‘What if…?” and that sows a plantation of doubt in my mind.


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