A Special Someone

Posted: August 14, 2006 in Prior to 2006
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OK, I have returned to this document once again… I was alone for a long time, but this is the very first time where I really am lonely.  What is the degree of loneliness? Let me paint you a little picture to try and describe the feeling:  It is a cold, rainy night.  The air is crisp and the night is extremely quiet.  In the distance you hear the rumbling thunder, but not frightening, more of a calming nature.  Suddenly you hear your cellular phone effects yours speakers; you run to fetch your phone, wishing, praying that it is that special someone.  Then reality smacks you right in the face.  It is no SMS, no call, just the effect of the change of signal quality.  After that you only realise the following: It is cold, it is wet, it is dark.  Three factors that you can define in one word:  UNCERTAINTY.

After this moment, I went outside to sit in the warm sun, and while listening to the birds, I thought of this special someone.  When I go out every night, taking my strolls through the streets, I think of her; when I see  someone happy, I think of her smile.  It brings me back to the rhetorical question, that no-one can answer, but just enlighten you with their opinion:  Should one believe in second chances or not?  Or maybe, did I receive too many second chances with this one without knowing it?

One doesn’t get reborn to fix what you have wronged.  But should the life we live, have no second chances?


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