Posted: July 25, 2006 in Prior to 2006

The last few days I’ve been walking for hours on end trying to make sense of it all, maybe grasping for hope.  I just had a funny thought…  Will someone have an answer to a question if you never ask that question?  I hope for something but I hide what I am hoping for, hiding from what I’m hoping for.  It doesn’t sound like it is making sense, but in time, it will.  I must change this…  I must push away fear and just say what is on my mind…  Sounds nice to say it.  I just hope I can get it right!  Before I push away someone else I like.

Moving to another topic…

I think I have seen something I wasn’t supposed to.  Or let’s just say I am making an assumption that I really hope is so NOT.  I will discuss it later.  Now is not the time as there are prying eyes tonight.  Till later.  And with that, hope I get an SMS or even a call!


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