Posted: July 21, 2006 in Prior to 2006

I listened to some upbeat song a few minutes ago, and I think it was a cover of an old song, and I listened to the words.

‘…Love is an angel, holding you tight,

Love is an angel, standing by your side.’

Nice words.  In my opinion, I think love is a lot like playing Blackjack.  It is a gamble.  You take a chance to open your heart and express your emotions to someone.  And I am not a good gambler or with Blackjack.

I know the basics of Blackjack.  In life we all sit around a blackjack table.  All playing their hands of life, where I stay in my comfort zone.  Let me try to explain in my simple uninformed point of view (this who know better, please send me the proper way to play):

In the game of Blackjack, your aim is to get to a total score of 21 per hand, or as close as possible to 21.  Your aim is to be higher than everybody else’s hand, including the Dealer, without going bust (bust is when you go over a total of 21 for that hand).  It is all about probability and how you play the game.

If the dealer deals you a King and a nine, most like you will ‘stay’ (not requesting another card to be dealt to you), as the probability of you going bust, is very high.  I think you get the idea at least.

Now when I am sitting around the table and for a chance not just be an observer, but actually playing Blackjack, and the dealer deals me a King and a two, most likely, I will ‘stay’.  I am scared to take chance and life is all about taking chances.

With this one specific person, I had the Queen of Hearts and the two of hearts… I stayed.

Then I got dealt a Queen and the eight of Spades, I decided to hit… I buried myself!  Too little, too late.


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