Woman Of My Dreams

Posted: July 7, 2006 in Prior to 2006
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Last night I spoke to a friend of mine and she asked me what type of guy I was – a boob man, ass man, leg man, etc.

That got me thinking.  How will I describe the woman of my dreams!?

Personality:  As I know that habits are harder to change than almost ANYTHING on this earth, the inside is the stuff that will not fade like looks.  So on the personality side, this is what I am looking for.

As I am thriving on humour and jokes in life, I think that the lady must have an awesome sense of humour.  She must be able to cope with my dry humour and my wacko nature.  She must enjoy laughing as that is food for my soul (I’m a selfish pig I know, but this is the woman of MY dreams!). So she mustn’t be shy to laugh out loud.

She must have a will of her own.  It will give me grey hairs, but it is always good to have someone that can think for themselves.  A strong personality with decisive long-term goals for the future is a necessity (I need someone to force me to think serious at some times when it is not time for laughter).

A kind, caring heart is a definite prerequisite.  A soft yet durable heart is essential!

I am dreaming of someone that is willing to hear, but at the same time to listen!  Yet, at the same time, she must be able to speak her mind for me to listen.  I love listening to people.  She must be understanding and accept my flaws and be able to recognize the ways and means I am dealing with my flaws and then support and help me even if I’m too stubborn. I want someone that will not deceive or play deceitful games or tell lies (White lies I will handle on their merits 🙂 ).  I want some that feels good about herself, yet not be vain and arrogant.

Since I LOVE hugs, the lady must be able to give not physical hugs, but emotional hugs too.  I know it sounds confusing, but it is not.  Simply in other words, her hugs is a comfort zone.  If she hugs me, I want to feel what care feels like.  I know I am very capable to return such a hug.  I’ll love to have someone that will be there for you, whenever… without you having to ask.  I want someone that can send emotions flying with a gentle touch that one can barely feel.  I am looking for that emotional and psychological energy.

Now this didn’t answer my friend’s question as she was talking about the looks, so I will continue with the description of “The Woman Of My Dreams”.

So I continue to describe the oh-so-famous lady that I am so head over heels for.  Here is the breakdown of how I think I can be classified as.  I am not sure if the standard ‘boob man’, ‘ass man’ ‘leg man’, etc descriptions will fully define MY liking so here goes.  This is what I want…

Stomach –           A woman’s tummy tells a lot about a woman in quite an accurate manner, unbelievably, in most cases in any way.  In addition, with me saying that, I exclude medical problems and things out of the woman’s control.  If you look at a lady that look after herself, whether she has a define stomach or not, you will notice that the tummy is ALWAYS yummy.  I have a friend with the most gorgeous tummy.  If I didn’t have so much respect for her, I would’ve wall-mounted her tummy.  I could rest my head on a tummy that I like for hours!

Do not get me wrong… With a nice tummy I do not mean overkill!  I do not mean bodybuilder types!  That freaks me out and puts me off quite a bit.  Summarized – a woman that looks after her tummy (her whole body in fact) have self-discipline and self-respect.

Eyes –           The eyes!  The windows to the soul; the memory photographer;  the information input; the emotional speaker. Eyes can say a million words in one moment, and I have not met any ‘extremely talkative’ person that can talk that fast and still make sense. I cannot explain to you how amazing I find the eyes.  I have a friend that I met through another friend (yeah, that friend of a friend of a friend thing hehe); this lady’s got the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!  Trust me, if she didn’t date my friend, I would’ve tried to marry her on the spot.  But I am getting sidetracked again…

The eyes  are said to be the windows to the soul, and I do not know who said that right in the beginning, but he/she was right.  It is the one and only area where you can have a sneak preview of the person.  Do not get me wrong, you cannot judge and categorize a person just by their eyes, but it can give you an indication of what might be in store.  Eyes can cry, it can cut through you with a stare that will make you so uncomfortable that you would prefer to disappear faster than Houdini, but eyes can smile as well, that will fill your heart with a warmth and excitement.  As you can see, I can write about this forever, but I think you get the idea.

Neck and Facial –           This is quite an important feature I notice almost immediately.  The neck and facial department is crucial.  What is the one thing always exposed for everyone to see?  The face and neck!  And yes, this even includes the make-up stuff!  I want someone that, if she wants to use make-up, she should use it to enhance her qualities and not hide flaws.  With this I mean that too much makeup is a definite killer for me.  I rather prefer a lady with no makeup than one with way too much makeup.  You can have the most beautiful and sexy lady, but the makeup can screw it up for everybody that sees her.  On the other hand, you might see this ‘average’ (dare I say) lady that looks drop dead gorgeous with the right type and amount of makeup.  I suppose I see more into this stuff than most people.  But then again, this is just who I am.  Weird and wacky.

Too much makeup gives me the subconscious believe that the woman is trying to hide something with make-up or even in life– whether it is true or not.

Use no makeup or just a touch to enhance your qualities that makes that face so loving, and most probably she will be like that in life as well… she will use the tools in life to compliment her good qualities and strengthen her in her weaker qualities.

All of this of course, does not exclude a perfect smile.  A smile can be seen on the lips and around their eyes.

Legs and Bums –           Oi, a woman with beautiful legs is definitely a plus!  Show me anyone that doesn’t look at legs, especially the calves of a woman on high heels!?  A dame that spend some time on her legs to keep it smooth, silky and toned, proves to make time in the bigger picture for unseen events (emotional support, etc.) no matter what,  not just spending time on make-up.

Breasts / Boobs –           Let me guess, some of you expected me to get to this right in the beginning. Well I didn’t. Breasts, fun bags, boobs, hooters, jugs, woman’s-magical-powerful-weapon whatever you want to call it. ROTFLMAO (and to those that have no clue what that means – Roll On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off).  I can elaborate on this, but I will keep it simple.  I am not drunk enough to go into too much details n this topic.  So in other words, you want a much more elaborated version, get me drunk. :p

All I will say is that a woman that ‘exercises’ them and keeps them in shape, got determination and willpower.  I say this because I don’t think it is the easiest muscles to exercise.

Yummy!!!  Yes that is my opinion of it.  The size doesn’t really matter to me.  If the lady is comfortable with them, then I am in seventh heaven too.  My mother always taught me, more than a handful is a waste!  If it can fit in my hand, then no sweat… if it is a little more, I will find other ways to use the full size. Hahaha.  I can now mention nipples and all that stuff too, but nah, not at this time, maybe when I had a few drinks in an hour and am very chirpy, but I’m NOT, not right now in any case. J


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