Rest In Peace

Posted: June 28, 2006 in Prior to 2006

As I start the entry into this document, I’m listening to Linkin Park’s song titled ‘Breaking The Habit’.  It is fitting as I am breaking the rules to this document today.  This entry will have name and dates.

On 14 May 2005 at 05:00AM, Lydia Orliena Koekemoer died.  She left behind her loving husband, Eric and their two sons.  Eric informed me later the day, but it was the first time where I have heard him battling to keep himself together.

My heart goes out to him and the families.  He was like an older brother to me and I respect him as one.  They helped me out so much.  Lydia and Eric (not excluding the Jacobs Family) have been my family when I was in Middelburg.  And I still see them as my Middelburg family.

REGRETS! As the saying goes: ‘Regret is a good thing, it is just a pity it always comes too late!’  I really could have taken the time to try and stay in touch.  I could’ve stopped being so selfish and pick up the phone and phone them once in a while.  I could’ve taken a few moments to phone to ask how they were doing!  I screwed up big time.


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