Posted: June 21, 2006 in Prior to 2006

It has been a few days since I broke all contact with some friends.  Sometimes I think I made a mistake, other times I think it was the best move I ever made.  Ever had that feeling you get too close to someone?  Well I think I got too close to someone dear to me.  Maybe that was part why I broke off contact.  Or maybe I am just tired to defend myself or try to keep people from being disappointed with me.  I just wish I knew what people want to hear from me. I just wish I had answers to all those questions.  I wish it was things I could learn.

I cancelled my cellphone contract today, and cancelled a few ‘friendships’ with it.  Not close friendships, those ‘sort-of-know-each-other’ friendships and acquaintances.  I don’t think I will change my number.  I think the main reason for not changing my number is that I want ‘someone’ to be able to still contact me if she needs me.


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