Posted: June 1, 2006 in Prior to 2006

My mind is so filled with memories of my past.  Beautiful, loving, wonderful… just perfect, but I had to screw it up.  I wish I could believe in second chances, but you only have one single chance at the good things in life.  In my opinion, that is the quest in life: find the good things and appreciate it for the moment it exists.

With that, I am not saying that only that instance when you meet someone is the only good moment.  Every moment with them can be a new-found good moment.  I am just saying that when you find something good, treat it as if it is your last.  Of all the good things, how many times to you experience a repeat of it?  Appreciate the good, and with the bad… well, if you get a second chance to correct it, use it wisely!

If you find yourself in that fortunate position to get a second chance, remember that you have the privilege to make a wrong a right!  Not everyone is blessed with such an opportunity.

Just never forget that a good moment is but one moment and cherish it for that! Value each and every good moment of time as it is very scarce.  Life is a good thing.  You get presented with one chance!  The opportunity of death is around each corner.  And no-one will tell you that death is good!  Maybe that explanation proves my point.


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