Posted: June 1, 2006 in Prior to 2006

Friendship – the temporary relief of the blackness of life.  Yes, with that I am saying that friendship is purely temporary.  But it is one of those proven facts.  Scenario:  You have a ‘best friend’… That friend gets married, and with that the friendship ends instantly.

Is friendship meant to last?  Or is it just a temporary companion till you find yourself committed to a ‘loved’ one?  My believe is that it is only there temporarily.  I have my reasons for saying that and on a later stage I will probably add it here.

Is it possible to find true friends?  Most of the people I know are so caught up with themselves that their ‘friends’ are just a side-dish for the ‘when-I-have-time’ moments in their lives.  People become selfish; occupied with the wellbeing of oneself with no regards to the people right next to you.

So in that case, I’m not wasting my time anymore.  Why waste time on temporary relief?  If it is just temporary relief, I might as well skip the friends and myself a lot of time and pain.

I am signing off right now… I must get used to this typing again.  I’ve been away from it again.  But I have tried not to add anything here when it is not constructive.  Which is probably not right as this is supposed to be for ALL my thoughts.

We’ll see how this progress… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Last night I watched a program I enjoyed watching.  “Early Edition” is the title of the series.  They ended the one specific episode with this little thought: “A friend is like the weather; unpredictable and will change on you in a moment… Speak to three weather forecasters ad you will find three different answers.”  Well spoken words.

I wrote a poem to a very dear friend of mine.  I am not really good with words anymore, so to the grammar critics and poetic judges, all I can say is… * I am not a brainy person OK * I battle to find the right words to express myself.  I had one specific poem I like, but the more I try, the more lame it gets.  My mind is fading.  My thoughts drowned in memories.  Stress starts to takes its toll on me.  Loneliness had me captured for a while, stress have me in the torture chambers where I think a lot of us find ourselves.  And I am tired to struggle on.  What I want, I can’t get – what I can get, someone else can use better – what I have, is a mind gone to waste – what I had, was the best time in my life.

The Bible has a piece written where a woman was ordered not to look back to her home;  she did and turned to stone.  Isn’t that what the message was?  Do not look at your past – do not dwell in your past, but look ahead in the present and the future.

If you look back at your past the whole time, you miss the opportunities to see what lies ahead in the present and the future.

Anyways, I am getting sidetracked here.  Here is the poem I wrote to my friend.


I still have another poem I am trying to complete… have been busy with it for a while, but it is a challenge.


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