Wishful Thinking

Posted: November 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

I wish I could do a few things in my life over.  I would’ve changed so much.  And yet, with some of the things I see as a negative turn in my life, that same instance, I realized that there came good from it too.

For instance…

NEGATIVE:  I broke up with the ‘right lady at the wrong time’

POSITIVE:     I learned to appreciate the people in my life

I had the privilege to meet new people I never would have

NEGATIVE:  I moved away from Middelburg where I felt save and where I had a life

POSITIVE:     I came to meet a dear friend who seems always to smile and show positive vibes where she goes.  I really hope she sorts the guy she likes out.  I noticed that my communication skills are becoming futile.  And that means I tend to have a negative vibe that distorts the positive in others.

Good and Evil… so common yet so unseen.  We, as humans are batteries of our own being.  A battery has a positive and a negative side that creates a current flow (Potential Difference for all you technical junkies).  If we had exposure to only positive or only negative, then we would not have a life we have in full.  This last year I had a lot of both.  I think my current is tending to weaken.

Hint: Do not wait for life, life it.  Life, but do not rush it.


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