Posted: November 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

Confusion sets in… I dreamt of a friend of mine.  I have never thought I was to dream of her.   I never dream (or so we all say), but I can or prefer never to remember them when I awaken.  At this time in my life, I believe that dreams are false hope.  There is this saying where they say you should dream your dreams and when you awaken, to life them.  It is hard to life your dream in today’s society.

I listened to a few of my old rock music collections.  I am in the mood to drive off to a distant place; fade away into the shadows.  That is what dreams do… FALSE HOPE!

I listened to a song by Greenday today.  I don’t know the name but I can relate to the words.  Basically saying that you walk alone and the only thing by your side is your own shadow.  As soon as I get the song, I can put the words here exactly as it is.  It is as if someone likes me… or someone in the same state of mind as me wrote that song.  Someone with the same questions as me.


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