Posted: September 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

Rock Music…the sound that classify you as evil and satanic.  Evil I might be, but not satanic!  I might be a long way from being a Christian, but I do not worship Satan. I may have a chaotic way of thinking; I might have lots of issues; I might even be the most stupid person ever to exist… but that doesn’t make me a beast worshipper.  When I said stupid I do not mean like people with a learning disorder.  Stupid means you have the capacity of knowledge but you are too lazy to apply it!


The choice to be too lazy is the wrong choice that makes you *swearing* stupid!  Not medical conditions!  I never took the time or energy to exercise my brain, so yes, I made the wrong choice!  You can call me anything but NOT a Satan worshipper.

But let me not get too much sidetracked!

You get dance music that ‘doef doef’ till early mornings.  I had a phase where that was the only thing I listened to.  Then a few things in life that I took for granted, changed or even disappeared.  Then for some odd reason, my music taste moved from this banging music to rock music.  I never knew why.  I thought of various reasons but could never pinpoint a specific reason, so I gave up.

A while ago, it hit me and for a change I understood why I started to listen to rock music, bounce to dance music and appreciate any form of music.


I don’t even know where to begin!  Stereotyped people never take the time to listen to the music.  Of all the music genres that exist, rock music (any type of rock) is probably the deepest!  Almost every rock song has a message or tale to tell.  Just take the time to listen to the lyrics.


A music type that exercises the body, rock music soothes the mind and soul.  Rock music feeds the brain and nourishes the feelings within.  It caresses emotion with a stimulation of rhythmic passion.

Thank you to all the artists!  Sometimes when we forget the good things in life, the bring it back to the conscious mind and where it reminds us of the bad memories, they remind us that we weren’t the only ones going through situations and that somewhere out there, someone might have had it worse off than you.


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