Posted: August 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

Hate… Why?  Is there ever a good enough reason to hate a person? I doubt it… yet, my heart grows stronger with hatred and my blood boil with the poison of it.

It scares me.  Hate drives people to do things they would never do before.

I am becoming a person with no feeling; a person with no hope; a person with no faith in people or their minds.

It hurts.  It burns like fire; it stings like the sting of a scorpion; it crushes like the power of a boa-snake.  What am I on about?  Feelings!  That is what I am talking about today.  Everything I think lately, spike my inner self with pain.  They say a man’s threshold of pain is less than that of a woman, and I do not doubt it in any way, but I think I might have reached my threshold.

Ever wished you die to make life better for others?  I have!  And not just on one occasion.  I know it is selfish, but *swearing*, this pain is killing me! It intoxicates my body, my mind, my soul.


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