Posted: July 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

Today, my mind is filled with memories.  Well, every time I touch this blog, it is filled with memories I suppose.  Yeah, I stated the obvious! Call me dumb.

I think I have been blessed with the best memories ever and yet, I allow it to keep me back, I allow it to hurt me still.

‘Do not dwell in the past!’  A phrase I hear a lot from people that know me well.  Look ahead and search for your future!  To be honest with you, I am trying.  But my memories mean everything to me.  It is the foundation of my personality – or the lack thereof.  A smile; a tear; a frown; some fear.  All the product of emotions.

Memories are a treasure of the soul.

  1. My Life Chronicles says:

    Memories are a treasure of the soul-yes,they are indeed. And we need to restore them in aproper manner.


  2. Agreed. We just got to keep on living, so in the end, we’ll have a book shelf of memories. Thanks for sharing!


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