Posted: June 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

So, I quickly read through the previous entry before I started here.  Yes, I do have a lot of issues.  That I know all too well, but reading through that, I noticed I could have added love there as well.

Do we know what love is?  Do we think we know what it is?  Or do any of us really care?

Somewhere I saw a card that describes love the best ever.  It read as follows: ‘when a person put their hand into that of their soul mate, is when they touch the heart as one’.  Powerful words if you ask me.

What is the purpose of fingers?  Isn’t it for two hands to intertwine into each other?  A person is very much symmetrical.  The shape of a heart (love symbol) is symmetrical as well.

Two hands and two arms, two eyes and two ears, two legs and two feet.  A couple (is consisting of a male and a female), prey and hunters, good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, inner and outer, love and hate, true and false, light and darkness.  An old scale (the balance type).  Everything gets definition and meaning when in pairs.  Bestow and acquire!  Isn’t love just that?  Sharing!  Balancing out the equation, not tipping the scales to one side.

What is the most powerful thing in the world?  What can cause war and just as quick end it?  The Ten Commandments – which was broken up in two parts – holds the answer to this simple question!  Love!

We have a pair of eyes, yet we don’t see.

We have a pair of ears, yet we don’t listen.

We have two feet, yet we don’t walk towards our destiny.

We have a left and a right brain, yet we don’t use it!

We have a departure point and a destination point.  We do know where we came from.  Do we really know where we are going?  Do we know how we are getting there?  Do we know why we going there?

Problem and solution!  We tipped the scales and that is why we find ourselves here – astray from the path we should’ve taken.  Lost and not found, took but gave nothing.  Being selfish is not a pair.  It is uneven!

Selfish is blind.

Selfish is deaf.

Selfish is false.

Selfish is impure.

There is a saying ‘to fall in love’.  Ever wondered why they say ‘fall in love’?  My opinion: love is the cure for the sickness called ‘selfishness’.

Is it true that pain is associated with love?

Why love someone then right?

Problem:  Not to love – friend, family, soul mate – is an opinion about oneself that one is a god.

Solution:  To fall in love, brings you down to earth to the human level – where our paths cover the luscious lands.

Love never fails.  We fail love.  Not to love is a constant pain; to love is just a slim chance of pain.  What would you choose?  Love is blind they say…but maybe it is not love that is blind.  If we worship the person and not the love, doesn’t that mean we make ourselves blind?  I think we don’t understand the pain associated with love.  I think the pain associated with love is merely a method to remind us what it is all about, and not to take things for granted.  Love hurts when applied wrongly.  Love doesn’t break bones, or leave scars.  It leaves memories; it feeds the mind to grow.

Do any of us know what love is?

Do we care what love is?

Well, after this session, maybe I shouldn’t mention love real soon.  I tend to go overboard.  Mellow-dramatic queen! Ha-ha.  Nah, just when I want to say something I should not stop.  Go with the flow they say 🙂

Song: Haddaway – What is love


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