Posted: May 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

A house has a floor, ceilings, walls doors and windows.  A house is only secure when the doors are locked and the windows secured.  How secure is a home when you leave doors unlocked and the windows wide open?  Isn’t that pretty vulnerable?

That is how I feel… I forgot to close the doors and lock them; forgot to close the windows and tighten them.  Open for anything.

A house is not necessarily a home.  A house is physical; a home is where you feel safe, secure, and most importantly – welcome!  I haven’t felt at home for some time now.  And I am not just talking about a place to stay… I am talking about so much more than that.  In fact… I haven’t had a ‘home’ for the last few years now.  The closest I was to home was with a hug.

What is family?  Is it blood relation? Is it being genetically intertwined?

Or is it the knowledge of…

Someone always being there for you for anything and everything, no matter what time?

Someone always listening wholeheartedly without judging you?

Someone being the music when you are lonely?

Someone being the smell of rain in drought stricken desert?

Someone, like a rainbow, being a sign of hope?

Someone being a friend, yet closer?

Someone being the ‘1’ when you feel like the ‘0’ in a binary system?

Someone being the solar system in a universe in your opinion?

Isn’t that pretty much summarising what love should be?

Do any of us really have a family?

Do we truly know what the difference between a family member and a true friend is?

Do we realise what the potential in such a person is?

Do we acknowledge these facts?


Do we continue unhindered with our selfish lives?

I think I know that answer to that question.  And it is a pity and so unnecessary!

What is the monetary value of a rand /dollar when you don’t have a cent?  So what is our selfish lives worth without this ‘family’?  My family is not genetically decided.  My family is who I decided is pure at heart.  These friends – only a handful though – have made me part of a family few can understand the power of it within.

Before I can have that ‘dollar’, I must get my life in order.  Only then will I thrive with the full value.


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