Posted: April 1, 2005 in Prior to 2006

Ever met someone in your life and think they are your soul mate, just to realise they might be your soul mate but you are not theirs?  My longest serious relationship of about five years was that typical situation.  Later I met someone else and guess what? Same situation!  Is it a possibility that I just don’t have the ability to choose the right person?  Just goes to show that I am destined to be a bachelor.  I just wish I could disappear to where no-one knows me; fade to a place where I know no-one – escape to a place where names are irrelevant and time pass faster than the wind – hide where my sorrows cannot reach me.

No, I am not in a self-pity mood.  I am just deep in thought.  Searching for a way out.  There are obvious ways out, but I do not have enough guts to through with that, and the easy way out is probably not the right way in any case.


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