Fading Relationships

Posted: October 1, 2004 in Prior to 2006

I took a break from this blog since the last time I wrote here… I tried to break away from this.  As you probably noticed by now, I failed terribly at the attempt.  Seems like this is the only place where I can talk and express myself.  My family doesn’t really show any interest.  They more stuck up with their own problems.  Friends?  Like a friend once told me: ‘Which friends aren’t fake?’  Damn good question if you ask me!

It is time for me to get away… and I really wish I could.  I need to get away.  I am starting to think of non-sensible and selfish ways to part from this place.  I made a promise to myself that I will not walk that path, yet my mind is cooking up cocktails with these ideas.

Where to now?  Simple questions I never get answers to.  I am extremely drained these last few days.  I want to update my will and I don’t even have the energy for that!  I prayed and I asked for something I KNOW would probably never happen.  Life is not about love thy neighbour no more.  People live their lives for themselves, who cares who gets hurt in the process! *sigh*

Soul Asylum – Runaway Train


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