Posted: December 1, 2003 in Prior to 2006

Hmm, I am thinking again while I was supposed to be sleeping.  What am I thinking about this time?  A Cactus!

Love, and probably a lot of other feelings and emotions, can be compared to a cactus.  It must be simple.  We, as humans, make it a lot more complicated than what it needs to be of course. It must be so strong to withstand difficult situations / conditions like droughts, floods / stress etc).  Yet inside it must be able to sustain.  What do you doing survival when you in a desert and need water?  You extract the juices from a cactus!  Isn’t love the same?  Doesn’t love carry us when we are unable to walk?

There is one problem however, thorns are bound to inflict pain if you are not careful and treat it with respect.

You will get pricked a few times, but you learn from your mistakes.  In our lives, these thorns may mean that once you love someone and they filled your heart, you will protect your love any way you can.

*rolls on the floor laughing my ass off* Yes this is coming from a guy that is single and probably will stay single for a long time still.

Song:Alanis Morisette – Ironic.

Oh well, it was a nice thought in my opinion.

Do we really know what love is?

I know this will probably contradict everything I said in the previous paragraph, but I had a lot of time to think again.  This is why I added this even before I went to bed.  Where does a friendship (love) stop and a relationship (love) start?

Does anyone know the answer to that?  Don’t answer this in the theoretically correct and nice-to-hear answers!  Answer this in actions!  I want to know and discover the truth.  We use the tongue to lie, deceit, steal and hurt.  So I do not want the answer by the tongue, but the answer as per a way of life.

Do we know what love is?

Sure, everyone will answer with a undoubtedly ‘Yes’, but the way I see it:  true love is when the tree drops its leaves to the ground (most of the humankind hate this sight and take it for granted but then, did any of these same people think that maybe the leaves falls to the ground to keep the moisture in the ground and form a blanket to avoid frost harming the roots?).  That I see as true love!  Some people see love as getting laid; some see it as not to get old all alone.

Do we know what love is?

In my honest opinion I don’t think that we know how to love anymore.

I am not very religious even if I call myself a Christian, but I wondered… the Ten Commandments are like a law to live by.  Libraries are filled with bundles and bundles of laws created by men, are there and everyone should abide to them.  The Ten Commandments is only ten simple rules… divided into two sections but only one word summarizes these ten rules to live by.

That word is simply: ‘Love’

Guess what?  We can’t even abide to ONE rule! This one simple concept and we all fail terribly with it! But no, mankind want millions of laws and bylaws and it never ends!  Are we just stupid or do we like to complicate everything for ourselves?

Do we absolutely know, without a doubt, what love is?

Yes.  I might sound completely confused.  The fact is: I might as well be.  Do you blame me?

When we have a hard time, immediately we kneel to pray.  We shed a tear to receive sympathy, while the tear is there because we feel sorry for ourselves.  When things are going according to plan or even better, then it is all about our own doing, and our own doing alone.  No one helped us.  We didn’t need help.  We are so wrong!

As a Christian, we should a) Love thy Saviour and b) Love thy neighbour.

Is love a part-time thing?  Is love a thing used to fix, and then forgotten when not needed?  Why doesn’t that make any sense to me?

Do we know what love is?


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