Friends VS Family

Posted: September 1, 2003 in Prior to 2006
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Tonight, I really miss the good ol’ times when I was DoggieHoliX or DubberRuck or |-|appy|-|oli><.  I had a lot of fun.  I fooled around with Dumbest^Schmuck and S2PidHoliX as well, cause I knew it made people smile – even laugh.  Other nicks… hmmm there was the very first original nick, funaholix.  I had a whole range of nicks… and I still do.  One I use to idle online is Offline.  The nickname I use to observe what people have to say in their conversations is I-R-C-Ing-Things.

I really miss those days.  I miss the people I met.  I miss the long hours of conversation with them.  I miss the meetings / parties we had – not to mention the innocent flirts.  I think it will be safe to say that that was the best time in my life.  Maybe it will be more accurate if I said the best phase in my life up to this point in time.  If I could do it all over, I will not change most things, except for one.  I would have made sure the ol’ regulars never leave. *sigh* Some of them I semi-worship more than family.  Probably because they stood by me more than any family could.  Hell, halve of my family didn’t even know I stayed in Middelburg.  And then some don’t even know I moved back!  This is not even going into details like calling me ‘Freddy’ when I NEVER had a name like that!

Let me shut up as I am not really thinking constructively today.


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