Posted: September 1, 2003 in Prior to 2006

I woke up with something on my mind, and then I read what I have typed above.  That completely threw me off and I totally forgot what I wanted to type here.  Nonetheless, I am awake now and I might as well make an effort to type something here.  There is nothing better to do in any case.

The thought that comes to my mind is what meaning my nickname, ‘DoggieHoliX’, bring to people’s minds.  No one bother to ask; they just assume.  And we all know the famous saying ‘Assumption is the mother of all *swearing*!’  Does anyone ever take this saying to heart, because it seems like we all make ourselves guilty of neglecting the meaning of this saying.  The only time when we care to consider the meaning of this saying is when somebody made a wrong assumption where it concerns us.

What I am trying to say?  Is it my face or my attitude or my behaviour that make people assume that?  Do I look that shallow?   Is there just one meaning people see in me?

Argh, who the hell cares anymore?


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