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Posted: May 1, 2003 in Prior to 2006
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Shame, I feel sorry for my mother.  We had quite a bad patch in our lives.  I was on my own mission.  A rebel – a typical teenager.  Wanted my way and only my way.  Now after some quite some time, I realised I have a fantastically wicked mother.  She had a hard life, and yet she is cool with my friends, always fun and always willing to help AND she is a straight shooter!   I met this lady while studying at some college.  Quite a clever lady and a lot of fun to be with.

Lovely smile to say the least.

My little mother picks up the smallest details.  She met this lady and after she left our place, my mother said that my friend looks very good in a hipster.  Trust me when I tell you ‘my mother does not like hipsters’. So this compliment is a compliment for keeps.

Ok, my mother got to meet this lady a few times and I think my mother took a liking of her.  I do not the reasons why.  Whether it is because this lady is spontaneous or if it is because she is clever and smart or something.  And I think my mother approves of this lady’s friendship with me.  Whatever the reasons may be, if this lady ever realised it, she should know how good looking she is.

What is my opinion about this lady?  I wish this lady the very best.  She deserves it.  I just want her to smile.  I suppose that is why I give her so much hell.  I don’t know how to make people smile anymore, so I give her hell.  It makes her smile at least.  I probably am going about it the wrong way.

Furthermore, I hope the guy she is interested in, notice it and give his heart to her.  I doubt he will ever regret it.  I think she gave her heart to him already.  They can’t go wrong.

I got a nice surprise earlier today.  A lady (tannie – but she will smack me if she hears I call her that) said later next week we will go for a coffee.  This lady’s got a great heart!  One of the people I met via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) who enriched my life greatly.  Argh, I wish I could take someone with, just to prove to people that some on the internet is not all bad.

I am looking forward to it.


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