Posted: March 1, 2003 in Prior to 2006

Well, well, well… earlier today I was told a joke. It was pretty lame, and old.  I was in a stirring mood so I decided to respond and I asked for an explanation (trying to rattle the sender’s mind)

Expecting just a laugh, I got this detailed explanation.  Am I so dumb that *swearing* people see me as it as well?  Lately I sense I should go back to my old ways of thinking.  I was more realistic and since less people speak to me, the lesser people think I am pathetic and stupid.  I am not saying I am a clever Joe or something, but for goodness sake, I am not so *swearing*stupid not to understand a lame joke.  Yes, I feel agitated; I feel my muscles tensing up.

I need to get away… far way.


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