Posted: February 1, 2003 in Prior to 2006
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I feel so helpless.  I am tired of thinking.  I am tired of being confused.  I am tired to pretend that I am this happy chappy person when I brew a storm inside my mind.  Passion – emotion – rage – fear, my little abstract in my mind.

Is true happiness possible?  Is happiness like forgiveness?  Everyone say you can forgive and forget, but as soon as there is an argument, it gets used as ammunition for the sole purpose to get the upper hand in the argument.  Is true happiness the same?  Is it a cliché we believe to makes us feel better?  Is it a thumb-sucked answer to make someone feel better?  Is it a fairytale? On the other hand… is it just plane ol’ bullshit?

I would like to believe there is true happiness, an immortal happiness, a pure happiness…but I am more likely to wake up and smell the coffee.  I hope that will happen before I bump my head again.


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