Posted: August 1, 2001 in Prior to 2006
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‘Hope’ and ‘Trust’ are so closely related. Almost can call them twins.  Trust is the foundation I build my life on; some great architects, but I have not always been the greatest of builders.  Here and there, I need to demolish pieces and start all over again.  Have I lost it?  I will answer this question later on due to obvious reasons.  What I am trying to say is that some I trust too easily and it cost me dearly.  So my construction is not solid enough as I would prefer it to be.  Nevertheless, trust is great for building your life on, especially when you have the right building materials and architects.

I just realised what trust means to me.  If there is any doubt of trust, I will end a friendship or make an end of a relationship.  Question is: Is there anyone worth trusting?  Is there anyone that knows when to trust someone?

I have this ‘raging’ storm of disappointment that fills my mind these past few days.  Why?  Because someone proved that they do not trust me.


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