Guardian Angels

Posted: July 1, 2001 in Prior to 2006
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I don’t know if there are such things as guardian angels as people like to think there are… but then again, who knows?  Maybe God (one Person I really need to get in touch with more often) did send some guardian angels.

My opinion about this however is a bit ‘different’ than what most people think.  In my believe, guardian angels are not in forms people would like to think they are in: the wings; the bright light and stuff…

Who cares about you no matter what time of day or where you find yourself?

Who looks after you when suicide feels like the only cure?

Who lifts your spirits when you feel sad?

Who is the fountain of hope when you think all is lost?

All this is done by something much closer to us than we will ever realize.  It is next to us; in us; surrounding us.  We see it every single day of our lives!  These angels have names, and I do not mean like Gabriel or the likes.

I think the guardian angels are sent in the forms of feelings, emotions and gut feel.  Think about it: what do everyone on this planet need?  What is always with us no matter what or where you find yourself?  Feelings!

One angel’s name is ‘Love’.  There is always someone who loves you.  Love brings forth ‘Hope’; Love is the birth of caring hearts; Love is the uplifting spirit; love is the cure to any disease; Love makes you feel good about yourself; Love gently force a smile on your face.  Show me anyone that will not smile or have happy thoughts when they think of love.

Start looking in the most obvious places for your guardian angel, and remember that angels are amongst us.  An angel can be a person, a gut feeling, an emotion.  Love can heal.  Love can solve.  Love can do the impossible.

Remember that love is the two parts the Ten Commandments consists of: Love thy Saviour, Love they Neighbour.

Care… a powerful feeling/ emotion.  A hug from a caring person means so much more than a kiss (especially because a kiss is mostly filled with hidden agendas).  That same hug can dry up tears because that hug makes you feel better.  Or it can create the tears to stream down, not because of more pain, but because you feel safe to do so.  That hug can make you realise that the person giving you the hug, cares for you unconditionally.  This same hug filled with care almost work hand-in-hand with another guardian angel.  This guardian angel should probably be seen more because it is always there, but we are too uptight to realise it.

The guardian angel called ‘Hope’ is always in the area. Where that caring hug starts, it puts us in the presence of the angel, Hope.  Hope can be a life-changing feeling.  You can lie down to die, or you can crawl to the next stage of life.  Let’s just say Hope is life’s map… it gives you the directions to where you want to go, however it is up to you to get there.

Just like ‘Hope’ is the key to new beginnings; it is the key to open your heart to a person as well.  Why do I say that?   Because if there is no hope in your life, you will not see any future and you will not strife for everything better in your future.  If you see a future with someone (friend or spouse), there is hope, and why stand outside a locked door when you have the key to open and enter?


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