Posted: April 1, 2001 in Prior to 2006

I have met a lot of people while I stayed in the countryside (Middelburg, Mpumalanga, ZA).  The quantity is much greater than the amount I met while I stayed in Pretoria.  What is the reason for this?  The famous (and maybe infamous) and very controversial IRC (Internet Relay chat) will be the answer to that.  I have no regrets though.  I have met people across the global ball of humankind.  All shapes, sizes and cultures.  And in general I am not disappointed.  I had the opportunity to meet some of the sweetest people from all walks of life.  But you do get the odd one out.

Some of the best memories I have, is my few trips to the friendly city of Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape, ZA).  I met up with quite a number of people there.  They are friends I love to bits.  One specific lady jumps to mind.  I met her in Port Elizabeth, but moved to Johannesburg a while back.  I care a great deal for her and I have a lot of respect for her.  She is confined to a wheelchair, and yet… with the awkward hand life dealt her, she keeps smiling and she is a spontaneous and amazing person.  I have a little guilty conscience blazing away in me, and when I think of her, it just adds lighter fluid to it.

Why? Well, this lady is very petit and small and we always said when we see each other we will hug each other to death.  The problem is that I am so scared I hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable.  However, I think the biggest reason is that I am scared I hurt her.

The other Port Elizabeth people are just as friendly as she is.  I stayed at one friend a few times.  Strictly friends, and yet so close.  We are like brother and sister.  We are probably closer than what me and my own sister.  Great memories were created with this lady.  These memories will walk side by side with me for the rest of my life.  This ‘sister’ of mine is quite a tall lady; always smiling; always a caring heart.  One lady I really love and yet no attraction to be more than friends – not because I don’t like her, but because I cannot afford to lose her as a friend.  Her mother is awesome.  Still young at heart and she is very much like my ‘coastal’-mother. She is really a sweet lady that is always cheerful and positive, no matter how hard life throws lemons at her.  The first day when I met her, I learnt that if life is all uphill, a smile makes the trip worthwhile.

I try to keep smiling, but it is hard to.  I am a memory-ridden freak.  Facial muscles are exercised; I can put a smile on my face, but with the bitter heart I have, it is not filled with the warmth a smile should be filled with.


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